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How we Add Value

Stakeholders Infrastructure is a transaction advisory and consultant group serving stakeholders in the power, renewable energy and energy transmission industries. We help our clients achieve their development and investment objectives, at all levels of the organization, by providing one of the most experienced resources in the finance, development, investment/divestment of utility and community-scale energy & infrastructure projects in developed and emerging markets.

Who We Are

We are a collaborative firm of dynamic energy & infrastructure consultants able to assemble the right team to help our clients in the US, Mexico and across the globe.

What We Do

We serve our client objectives in structuring development, finance and investment in sustainable utility and community-scale energy and transmission infrastructure.

New at Stakeholders Infrastructure

Mexico Takes Center Stage on Clean Energy

Public policies, culminating in Mexico's recent Electricity Law, have sponsored over 10.8 gigawatts (GW) in wind and solar energy capacity for Mexico. CENACE's two auctions have been very successful in attracting investment in clean energy for Mexico - with a highly anticipated third auction scheduled for next month (November 2017).

Not all awarded capacity will be commissioned. However, close to 17 GW in new solar and wind power capacity is currently in the development pipeline and positioned to push the pace.

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